Pinkberry, Dupont

I recently wrote about Tangy Sweet and called it my favorite spot to get tangy frozen yogurt with toppings, over Pinkberry.  As I was walking by Pinkberry earlier this week, I decided that I should confirm that assessment, especially since I had the Tangy Sweet experience fresh in my mind.

The Pinkberry in Dupont is located at 1213 Connecticut Ave NW.  For the most part Pinkberry stores look the same, with a bubbly, modern, clean appearance.



Admittedly, I walked in thinking I would be disappointed by Pinkberry in comparison to Tangy Sweet.  The flavor selection was promising:  Original, Strawberry, Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Pomegranate, and Mango.

I was pretty sure I wanted a fruity flavor, but the Chocolate Hazelnut also sounded really good.  Unfortunately, the machine was broken.  So, I ordered a small Mango flavor with toppings.  You are allowed as many toppings as will fit in the cup, so I got watermelon, raspberries, and shredded coconut.


The fruit was fresh (the watermelon was especially delicious), and the Mango yogurt was creamier and thicker than the Mango-Peach flavor at Tangy Sweet, but not as fruity.  Maybe the yogurt at Pinkberry was as good—maybe even better if you’re craving a more ice creamy yogurt—than the yogurt at Tangy Sweet.  But the over $6 price tag did make me wonder if it was worth it.  So, to be fair to Pinkberry, it does serve up a tasty dessert.  However, I’ll probably still make Tangy Sweet my first choice spot.


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