Zuckers, New York City

It’s probably because of the recent Jewish holidays, but when I visited New York City last week, I had this crazy craving for white fish salad.  Good thing I was staying just down the street from Zuckers, a little bagel spot on Chambers Street by West Broadway (146 Chambers).

Zuckers has awesome bagels and an assortment of fish—salmon, sturgeon, herring, oh my!


I had never tried the white fish salad before, but I had a feeling it would be good (this was based on previous experiences with their chicken salad, which is soooo tasty).  In addition to their menu of homemade New York bagels, Zuckers offers thin sliced bagels that are about half the thickness.  What a perfect way to enjoy my white fish salad!  The thin sliced everything bagel was just the right amount of bagel to go with the creamy, salty white fish salad.  Add a slice of tomato and red onion—YUM!!


Zucker's Bagels & Smoked Fish on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Zuckers, New York City

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  2. I LOVE ordering from deli cases. Something about it just amps up the anticipation — so old school. Great post…the search continues!

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