Bread and Brew, Dupont

On Saturday, I saw an 11:30am movie with a friend.  When we got out of the theater, the weather was so gorgeous, we decided we needed to find a place to sit outside to grab a cup of coffee and a light meal.  We ended up at DC Bread and Brew, located at 1247 20th St, NW.

We chose the restaurant because it had open tables outside and looked like it would be relaxing and affordable.  I went inside and ordered at the counter, and then the staff brought the food out to our table.

I wasn’t intending to blog about this spot until the food came out.  I was so impressed with how fresh and delicious my roasted veggie frittata looked, that I decided I needed to start taking pictures.

It was delicious!  The frittata was served with a salad of baby greens, raisins, tomatoes, walnuts and goat cheese right on top.  The eggs were a little runny in the middle, but I liked that about the dish.  The roasted zucchini, mushrooms, yellow squash and onions were a delicious filling for the frittata.

We sat for a couple hours on the porch, enjoying our food, lattes, and coffee.  What a great, low-key, spot!  It’s definitely on the list for a return trip.

DC Bread and Brew on Urbanspoon

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