Operation Sushi: Kushi, Mt. Vernon Square

Since I lived in Manhattan before moving to DC, I’m generally spoiled when it comes to sushi.  I’ve decided that I can’t really compare DC to NYC anymore, so rather than hunting for NYC caliber sushi in DC, I’m just looking for fun spots with reasonably good food.  My search took me to Kushi (Natch had a Living Social deal where she paid $30 for $60 of food and drinks, so we went together.)

Kushi, located at 465 K Street NW (over by Busboys and Poets), has a really great, funky, modern ambience.  I loved the large open dining area with the mural on the wall and the sushi bar.



We started with some cocktails—a lychee martini and a sake blossom.  The lychee martini was a little strong (I like the one at Thai Chef better), but the sake blossom was really good.  The cocktails were on the small side for the $11 price tag.

We decided to split several small plates, based on recommendations from our server.  We started with the Tuna Tataki with daikon radish ($10).  The fish was very fresh and the crispy, watery radish was a great complement. Image

Next we had the Sashimi Trio ($13), a dish of three different types of sashimi (marinated maguro tuna, hirame/fluke, and salmon).  Each was served with a different sauce and some radish and seaweed.  This dish was outstanding.  Natch and I both loved all the flavors and the freshness of the fish.


Next came the Buta Bara Kushi Yaki ($4.50), a pork belly charcoal grilled skewer.  It was served with mustard for dipping.  The meat was very juicy and savory—another very tasty dish.


Then we had the Day Boat Sea Scallops ($10).  I usually like scallops, but sometimes restaurants overcook them.  Kushi prepared them to perfection.  These were excellent.


For sushi we ordered the Spicy Tuna ($8) and the Wasabi Scallop ($7.50, not pictured).  They were both good.  The spicy tuna could hold its own, although it wasn’t a standout (but since everywhere serves spicy tuna, I wouldn’t really expect to be overwhelmed by it).  The wasabi scallop was more unique, with a nice spicy kick to it and a creamy consistency.  I’d order this one again, definitely.


Natch and I agreed that the food here was fresh and tasty.  However, we did think it was a bit overpriced, and we left still feeling like we could eat more.  So, I think I’ll save this spot for another Living Social deal, or on someone else’s dime ;-)  Operation Sushi will continue.

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Kushi on Foodio54

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