Guest Post: Pants: Comfort-Hungry at Open City, Washington, DC

Hungry Games readers, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Pants, an expert on sandwiches of all kinds.  I’m thrilled to announce that she has agreed to be the sandwich consultant (sandsultant?) for Hungry Games and will be a regular guest blogger as she searches for the best sandwiches in DC.  I can’t wait to see what she finds!

Open City is a place near and dear to my heart ever since I first moved to our Nation’s Capital as a bright-eyed early 20-something.  Nestled up on the hill above Rock Creek Park, this restaurant/bar/coffee shop attracts patrons from well beyond the family-friendly neighborhood it calls home, Woodley Park.  It’s best known for a delicious, all-day breakfast menu, and brunch lines tend to pile up outside as early as 9:30am on weekend mornings.  Open City is my “go-to” brunch spot, especially when I have a friend visiting from out-of-town, and I also spend peaceful, un-crowded happy hours there. Dear friend (and now West-coaster) K. Michele and I referred to this place as our “office,” and we met at this restaurant regularly, laptops in hand.

Open City also has a great selection of burgers and sandwiches.  Today I was craving comfort food in the form of a burger, and I decided to opt for a turkey burger, which- to me- is a blend of health-consciousness, comfort, and a celebration of the month o’ turkey!  Typically, a major concern when ordering a turkey burger is that it might be too dry when compared with its juicy, beefy counterpart. With Open City’s turkey burger, though, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s juicy in its own right, tender, and flavorful, and I eat mine with the standard lettuce-tomato-onion-pickle.  I almost always order mine topped with blue cheese.  Instead of the standard fries on the side, I order the sweet-and savory, tender-and-crunchy house salad, which marries contrasting flavors and textures by combining mixed greens, artichokes, dried cranberries, roasted red peppers, and cucumbers.

This sandwich always keeps me coming back for more, and it never disappoints.

hungry-games sandwichpants3

For more from Pants on Open City, see her thoughts from a January 2013 visit.

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