Blue Talon Bistro, Williamsburg, VA

We had another great lunch in Williamsburg at a cute restaurant in the historic downtown.  The Blue Talon Bistro had friendly service, a large dining area with country kitschy décor, and a lunch menu of French and American fare with salads, sandwiches, and comfort food.

The French Onion Gratinée ($6.95) had a delicious, rich onion broth made with sherry and thyme.  The thick layer of melted swiss and parmesan cheeses over a soup-soaked crouton created a perfect warm starter for a crisp fall day.

I followed my soup with the Grilled Asparagus Salad ($9.95).  The light, fresh salad was topped with crispy French bread and toasted brie cheese, and a medium poached egg (the menu said soft poached, but the yolk was closer to a gooey-hard consistency).  The salad had bits of savory, thick bacon tossed with grilled asparagus.  Very enjoyable!

We also cozied up with the homemade Mac and Cheese ($10.95), penne pasta baked with cheddar and parmesan, with a side of crumbled ham to pour on top.

The “Hudson Valley” Wings ($9.95) were tender duck wings in a delicious barbeque sauce, served with carrots, celery and blue cheese dressing.  If the menu hadn’t said they were duck, we would have thought they were large chicken wings (we did not think this was a bad thing, but I thought I should mention it.)

A few friends enjoyed sandwiches and shared their fries with me.  The shoe-string fries were crispy and delightful!

All in all, we had a pleasant experience at this cute, cozy bistro.  The portion sizes were large and the prices reasonable.  We were also very pleased that the waitress was able to give everyone a separate check.  We had a party of 10, so it was nice to not have to figure out the math!  I would definitely come back and try this spot again.

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