Zoe’s Kitchen Opening in Dupont!

I wrote about Zoe’s Kitchen a couple months ago on BakingMeHungry because I get so excited every time I go there (click for my post).  I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, home of the original Zoe’s Kitchen, and I just can’t get enough of it.  So, I was thrilled when one opened in Ballston, right on top of the metro stop (4245 North Fairfax Drive).

I stopped in over the weekend, and as I was waiting for my favorite item on the menu—the chicken roll-ups with feta, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion—I struck up a conversation with the owner.  He told me that they’re opening a Zoe’s in Dupont in about 6 months!!!!  Sweetgreen beware: another healthy, delicious option is coming to the circle!

So, I went home very excited and dove into my juicy, tender chicken roll-ups, wrapped in a perfectly crispy tortilla, and accompanied by a side a creamy, rosemary braised white beans (all of which cost less than $9).

I can’t wait until this lands in my hood.  I’m having dreams of chicken salad, marinated slaw, and limeade already…

Zoës Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Zoe's Kitchens on Foodio54

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