Operation Sushi: Tsunami Proves Disappointing for Sushi but GREAT for Udon Soup, Washington, DC

I had another Living Social “pay $20 for $40 of food” deal at Tsunami, located at 1326 14th Street.  I had recently had amazing chirashi with K-Hon at Teak Wood across the street, so we wanted to see how Tsunami compared.

The restaurant is located upstairs, above Thai Tanic.  It’s got a simple, comfortable dining room with a sushi bar and several tables, and view of 14th Street.  There are some Japanese decorations on the walls, but there’s nothing particularly memorable about the interior dining space.

Dining RoomWe were promptly seated, and the service was good (my water glass was never empty—something I notice at restaurants because I drink absurd amounts of water.)

The menu features a number of sushi options (nigiri/sashimi, rolls/maki), including a special menu with pictures.  There are also typical appetizers (edamame, seaweed salad, dumplings, etc.), tempura, and a few other Japanese entrees.

Although we couldn’t find chirashi on the menu, our mouths were watering at the pictures of the sushi.  We picked out the Jade roll ($9) with eel, avocado, wasabi and black caviar; the Tsunami Crisps ($12) with spicy tuna, avocado, and jalapeño, topped with black and orange caviar, salmon, tuna, sweet potato chips, and sweet mayo; and the Tuna Lover Roll ($10) with spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber, layered with seared tuna, white tuna, soy reduction, and spicy mayo.  Sounds delicious, right?


Well, when the sushi arrived, it looked amazing too, but it was utterly disappointing.  The Jade roll was the only thing on the plate with any flavor (this one was actually quite good).  The Tsunami Crisps were completely bland.  I may as well have been eating rice with nothing in it (so surprising because all the ingredients seem like they would be packed with flavor!).  Then, there was the Tuna Lover Roll:  so much potential, yet so poorly executed!  The spicy mayo overwhelmed all other flavors in the roll.  I could hardly taste the fish!

But, then Tsunami redeemed itself!  Luckily, in addition to our sushi, K-Hon had insisted on ordering Vegetable Udon Soup ($9.95) to share.  This was some of the best udon soup I’ve had in a while! The broth was fragrant, the vegetables flavorful, and the udon noodles perfectly thick and doughy.

Vegetable Udon Soup

Ironically, I probably won’t go back to Tsunami when I want sushi, but I will definitely consider this my spot when I’m craving a big, warm bowl of udon soup.

For more Operation Sushi, check out Kushi and Teak Wood.

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Tsunami Sushi and Lounge on Foodio54

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