Gordon Biersch Brewery, Washington, DC: Go for the Beer, Not for the Food

After our work holiday party, a few of my colleagues and I found ourselves downtown, looking for a good spot to get a bite to eat.  Someone mentioned garlic fries as we rounded the corner of 9th Street and F, and in that moment Blondie couldn’t get the craving out of her head and insisted that we go to Gordon Biersch.

I’ve passed by this restaurant multiple times and have always been a little curious by its beautiful building, so I did not argue.  Located in the old Riggs Bank building, it really is a stunning restaurant, with an impressive and elegant marble interior.

Restaurant Interior

The restaurant was pretty empty (it was a Monday night), so we were seated immediately.  We perused the very large menu and asked our server for her recommendations.  Obviously, we ordered the garlic fries ($6.25).  Blondie was right about these—really great, fresh tasting, golden fries!

Garlic Fries

Blondie was also really excited about the Glazed Chicken Wings ($9.95).  I didn’t love these.  But, to be fair, these wings have a sweet glaze, and I like my wings buffalo style and spicy.

Chicken Wings

Stellar and I split the BBQ Chicken Pizza ($12.95) and the Hummus & Goat Cheese Salad ($11.95).  Both were fine, but neither was very impressive or memorable.  I’m thinking we could have had similar food at TGI Fridays or Applebee’s.

Pizza and Hummus SaladThe beer, on the other hand, was great!  They brew their own, and we were all very happy with our selections.

So, here’s my assessment.  The interior of the restaurant suggests that the food will be really wonderful, and it’s just not.  It’s average at best (but, I guess it IS a chain).  The service was good and the beer was great.  I’ll keep this on my list of bars to visit for a nice post-work Happy Hour (and probably order some fries to go with my beer), but I’ll have dinner elsewhere.

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Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant on Foodio54

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