Great Korean Bakery: Breeze Bakery Café in Annandale, VA

After filling up on Korean BBQ in Annandale at Yechon, Hutch and I popped over to Breeze Bakery Café, just next door (4125 Hummer Road).  This Korean bakery and café is under the same ownership as Yechon and open until 2:00am.

The café was bumpin’—filled with patrons stopping in for a pastry or gelato to-go, or sitting down for some coffee and dessert.  I don’t think it’s uncommon for people to hit up the Breeze after a nice meal at Yechon.  There’s plenty of space to sit both downstairs and up.

Breeze Cafe

The shelves are lined with assorted pastries, sweet breads and buns.  They also have freezers full of fruit ice bars (popsicles) in flavors like mango, strawberry, and melon; gelato of all flavors; and a variety of cakes and custards.  They serve up tea and coffee, including bubble tea, and lattes in flavors like red ginseng, black bean and sweet potato!  It seemed like there’s something for everyone here.

I was ridiculously full after my dinner next door, but I couldn’t walk out of there with nothing.  So, I settled on a delicious looking sweet bread with a funny name—the White Nude Stick.  This soft, sweet pastry filled with apricot jelly and almond paste made a delightful breakfast the next morning!

Pastries and Cakes

This bakery is definitely a gem!

Breeze Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

Breeze Bakery on Foodio54

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