TaKorean at Union Market: Korean/Mexican Fusion!

During the holidays, I wanted to show my family something besides monuments and museums in DC, so I took them to the newly opened Union Market.  It reminds me of a scaled down version of Chelsea Market in New York City or the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco—a warehouse space with some restaurants, farmer’s markets, and specialty shops.

Union Market Shops

We decided to have some lunch while picking up lamb shanks for Christmas Eve dinner.  In the back of Union Market is TaKorean (also a DC food truck).


This great little spot serves up healthy Korean food with a Mexican twist.  You can get your choice of a taco bowl for $9 (served on a bed of lettuce or kimchi, instead of corn tortillas) or 3 tacos for $9 (1 for $1.50).  Add some toppings of fresh cilantro, lime crema, sesame seeds and sriracha sauce.  Delicious!

Tacos and Salad Bowl

Dubs and Jumbo (my sister and brother-in-law) both got the tacos and I got the bowl.  We each had an assortment of the three protein choices:  Bulgogi Steak, Tangy Chicken, and Caramelized Tofu.  We all had different favorites.  I loved the tofu, pan seared in sweet hoisin sauce.  The chicken and steak were also very good.

I’m a fan of this little food stand.  The service is friendly, the food is fresh, and the prices are affordable.  What a great idea for fusion food!  I might have to start following this truck on twitter and include it in Operation Taco, my search for the best tacos in DC.

TaKorean (Food Truck) on Urbanspoon

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