Burgers! Good Stuff Eatery, Washington, DC

When people talk about places to get burgers in DC, Good Stuff Eatery always comes up.  Top Chef competitor Spike Mendelsohn opened up this restaurant on Capitol Hill in 2008, so it’s gotta be good, right?


I like to pop into this place when I’m in the mood for a dirty lunch (also known as “foul food” by my friend Zach Attack—this is the stuff that is sooooo good, but sooooo gross).  I believe what the website says, when it claims they only use the highest quality ingredients, but do not be fooled—there is nothing healthy about the food you will consume at this restaurant.

Good Stuff is generally packed at lunchtime.  Hop in line, place your order at the counter, and then find a seat upstairs.  I’d say it’s about 15 to 20 minutes from the time you jump in the line to the time you sink your teeth into your juicy burger.


On my most recent visit, I ordered the Steakhouse Burger ($6.98) with roasted cremini mushrooms, onion straws, Emmental Swiss cheese and tangy steakhouse mayo.  The burgers here are the greasy kind, and they don’t skimp on the sauce.  They’re pretty good, if that’s the style burger you are craving.

As a side, I got Spike’s Village Fries in the regular size ($3.79).  Topped with fresh thyme, rosemary and sea salt, these fries are pretty tasty.  They, too, are the greasy kind of fries (and the regular size is enough for three people to share, unless you’re feeling really dirty.)

Burger and Fries

Finish it off with a handspun shake (this one was the Cookies and Cream in the mini size), and you’ll be ready for your post-lunch food coma.  Don’t plan on doing anything other than lethargically rubbing your belly after this meal.  Also, I recommend grabbing a spoon for the shake.  These rich and creamy treats are delicious, but way too thick to suck up through a straw.

Oreo Milkshake

Oh, and don’t forget to try the many flavors of mayo located near the ketchup dispensers.  I couldn’t get enough of the sriracha mayo….so good!

Other recommendations for a good burger in DC: Thunder Burger (my most favorite!), BGR The Burger Joint, and Open City (recommended by our sandsultant Pants.)

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3 thoughts on “Burgers! Good Stuff Eatery, Washington, DC

  1. Ugh my favorite spot! I miss it! I always go with the Prez Obama burger, the village fries and the toasted marshmallow shake. I think I’ve just figure out my first stop when I return.

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