EDGAR Bar and Kitchen, Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC

Sometimes life gets crazy hectic.  Lately, I feel like everyday I’m just going going going.  Since I can’t remember half the things I do anymore without seriously thinking about it, I’m really glad I have the foresight to write things down.  Yesterday, when I got to work, I was quite pleasantly surprised when I saw on my calendar that I had scheduled a post-work massage.  Awesome!  I never do stuff like that.  It must have been part of my New Years resolution to pamper myself more often.  Good job me.

When I got out of this delightful massage around 7:00pm, I felt incredibly relaxed and I REALLY wanted a drink.  Weird?  Maybe. Maybe not…  Additionally, my hair was a little bit crazy, and I may have been just a bit oily.  When I thought through my friends who might appreciate these circumstances, I knew MCBX would pull through for me.  I gave her a call and she suggested we meet up at EDGAR Bar & Kitchen, the new restaurant at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, which just opened its doors in December.

I didn’t have any expectations going in, but I was quite pleased with the choice.  The bar made me feel like I had stepped into the 1920s, with big leather booths, green brick walls, and a large glass case full of whiskey.  It was a comfortable scene—busy enough to feel cool, but quiet enough to have a conversation.

EDGAR interior

Our waiter was hilarious, suggesting cocktails to us although he admittedly does not drink.  I went with the Pom-Blackberry Balsamic Bourbon ($14), a mix of Hudson baby bourbon, pomegranate, agave nectar and Robbins Family Farm aged blackberry balsamic.  All the cocktails on the menu looked interesting, but I chose this one because of all the anti-oxidents—part of my New Years resolution to be better to my body.  Very strong!  Excellent choice.

MCBX ordered the better cocktail of the two:  the Bluecoat Cucumber Collins.  AMAZING!  Made with Bluecoat American gin, Chambord, lemonade, cucumber and basil leaves, this drink was cool, refreshing and mildly sweet.


We ordered a few snacks to go with our beverages, and nothing disappointed.  The Crispy Artichokes ($8) came with a lovely, tangy lemon and parsley aioli.  MCBX was literally scooping it out of the dish with her fingertips when we finished off the artichoke hearts.  We also enjoyed the Farmstead Cheese Board ($12), which came with a delicious spiced date jam and three types of cheese:  a pungent blue cheese and 2 milder cheeses of different textures.

artichokes and cheese boardMy favorite small plate, though, was the Charred Brussels Sprouts ($6), cooked with Benton’s smoked bacon.  The thick, smoky, salty bites of bacon really made this taste incredible.

brussels sprouts

This bar was a classy spot for enjoying a few cocktails and some small bites.  The service was a little spotty, but I’ll chalk it up to the newness of the place.  I think this hotel bar has real promise.

Edgar Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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