Guest Post Pants: The Family Meal, (Kind of a) BFD

Rarely during a weekday do I have the opportunity to go out to lunch and enjoy a relaxed (ish) meal.  Recently, my friend Batt-woman invited WB and me to meet her at one of Top Chef Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurants, The Family Meal.  It was my first time at a Voltaggio establishment, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  The building, seemingly oddly placed for a restaurant—a little research reveals that  it’s in a former car dealership—has an exterior that isn’t super inviting, but when you walk in, things change.  Think modern diner-but-classier, trendy lunch spot but comfortable.

The lunch menu here is not extensive, but it’s quite special.  For an appetizer, you can order things like chicken pot pie fritters and crispy chicken livers.  There are soups, salads, and sandwiches (obviously), and you can also order from the BFL (breakfast for lunch) section of the menu. (The dinner menu has a BFD section, which is funny!! BFD!!!)

My sandwich decision that day was difficult. There was a juicy burger with cheddar, bacon, and caramelized onion, which Batt-woman ended up ordering (and loving).  WB ordered the pastrami and enjoyed it as well.  But MY sandwich….was…. incredible.  I have been in a barbeque mood this month apparently, so I ordered the pork shoulder barbeque sandwich, which comes with tangy, oniony coleslaw on top, and some adorable little pickles on the side.  The sesame bun was buttery and soft but slightly toasted.  The juicy, tender pork, smothered in sauce, melted in my mouth.

This was a sandwich that I struggled between savoring and demolishing.  It was so good that I wanted it to last, but it was so good that I couldn’t stop eating it.

To make this experience even more amazing, the three of us split the duck fat fries, which come with three dipping sauces: a fresh, herby, chimichurri of sorts, a chili sauce, and something mayonnaise-y and delicious.  Seriously, I will go back.   I can’t stop thinking about those fries and the other sandwiches I can’t wait to try!!!


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