Rasika West End—An Absolute Gem in Washington, DC

Whenever people talk about good restaurants in DC, Rasika is always named in the top 5.  I’ve never been to the original, but I’m a huge fan of Rasika West End, which opened last year in Foggy Bottom.

There are few upscale restaurants in DC that I’m drawn to eat at over and over again, but I just can’t get enough of this one.  My sister Dubs (who lives in Manhattan, where the food scene is beyond belief) requests that we eat at Rasika West End every time she comes to visit.  It’s that good!

For a reservation at a normal dining time, you have to book weeks in advance.  If you’re by yourself or just two people, I have a little trick (which I really shouldn’t reveal to you).  You can order the full menu from the bar, so if you go to the restaurant without prior planning, you can often get a seat there.

BarI know I’m sounding super enthusiastic, but I really do love everything about this restaurant, from the interior/ambience, to the service (attentive but not pretentious), to the food.

InteriorAnd, OH THE FOOD!  The Palak Chaat is one of the most interesting dishes I’ve ever eaten, EVER.  It has amazing flavors and textures of sweet and sour tamarind, sugary dates, sharp and crispy red onion, and tangy juicy tomato.  Then somehow, they make the spinach delightfully crispy, and drizzle the whole thing with creamy yogurt.  I mean, really?

Palak Chaat

The last time I went, we ordered the cod, which came with two pieces of perfectly cooked fish—each marinated in a different sauce—and served with quinoa.  The fish cooked in the cheddar marinade was to die for!  You can also never go wrong with the buttery Chicken Tikka Masala, the smokey Dal Dungharee (the best dal I’ve ever had), or the Ghobi Mattar (cauliflower and peas).

Dinner at Rasika

I’ve only ever had one item on the menu I didn’t like, and that was the biryani.  It didn’t taste bad, but it was just boring compared to everything else (just sayin’).

So, in case you couldn’t tell, Rasika West End might be my favorite restaurant in DC.  If you’re looking for unique and exciting Indian food, this place is not to be missed.

Rasika West End on Urbanspoon

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