Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Cafe, Minneapolis

The snowquester is hitting DC!  Woohoo!  Snowday!!  It hasn’t been super cold in DC this winter, so all this impending snow made me think about the last time I experienced ridiculous weather—my trip to Minneapolis in January.

On that trip, my friends Erica and Justin took me to a wonderful, family-owned ice cream shop in Uptown, called Sebastian Joe’s.  I meant to blog about it right away, but then, you know, life happened.  So, I’m sharing with you now.

Sebastian Joe’s has been serving up delicious, homemade flavors since 1984.  There’s a whole board of flavors to choose from, and a cozy dining room to enjoy it in.  You may even want to grab a cup of coffee and some board games and hang out for awhile.

Sebastian Joe's Interior

And, if you’re wondering whether or not you really want ice cream in the frigid temperatures, Sebastian Joe’s makes the decision easy for you.  We got a 20% Cold Weather discount since the temperatures were below zero.

Cold Weather Savings

Yep!  The ice cream made me forget the fact that I couldn’t feel my face when I walked outside.  I’m heading back to Minneapolis in the spring.  I think I’ll definitely hit this place up again.

Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream Cafe on Urbanspoon

Sebastian Joe's on Foodio54

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