Brunch at the Tabard Inn, DC

Whenever anybody in DC talks about the best places for brunch, the Tabard Inn is always at the top of the list.  It’s a very popular spot, so going there takes some prior planning (as in, you may want to make a reservation 3 weeks in advance.)  I finally made it to this highly touted spot, and I have to agree, the brunch is well worth the planning ahead it takes to go.

The Tabard Inn, located on N Street between 17th and 18th, is an escape from the city in and of itself.  Step off the streets of DC into this quaint little hotel, and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a country inn from the 19th century.  The bar and restaurant are nestled in the back, just past the dimly lit, comfortable hotel lounge.  I went for brunch during the cold, wintry months, but there’s a beautiful patio outside the restaurant that looks as if it would be absolutely delightful in warm weather.

Tabard Inn and Restaurant

The menu changes slightly based on the season, in order to keep the ingredients fresh.  Meals start with a delicious basket of freshly baked mini muffins and breads.

We also started with an order of homemade donuts, which are apparently not to be missed.  These light and airy, cinnamon sugary pastries were quite a treat, but what really blew me away was the homemade vanilla whipped cream that came with them.  Out of control!

The kitchen has also mastered the egg dishes.  The Eggs Benedict with house-smoked salmon was perfectly prepared, the eggs poached medium to the optimum state of gooeyness.  And the Frittata with Brussels sprouts, mozzarella, potato and mixed greens was also quite good (although, the Benedict was the clear winner of these two dishes.)

Brunch at the Tabard Inn

I would say, brunch at the Tabard Inn definitely lives up to the hype.  Due to its popularity, I wouldn’t try to drop in on a whim, but it would definitely be a perfect spot to take family, out of town guests, or a group of friends for a special event, if you have time to plan ahead.

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