B Too—Belgian food on 14th Street

New restaurants keep popping up on 14th Street, faster than I can eat at all of them. Friday night, I decided to check out B Too with my girls, Pants and Bottomless Pit.  I was interested to try Bart Vandaele’s new restaurant, having only eaten at his other, Belga Café, once for brunch a couple years ago.  A friend took me there because the Belgian waffles were “so good they made her cry.”  I’m not sure I completely agree (I haven’t been back, but that’s also because it’s not in my neighborhood).  Anyway, the point is, I was curious to try some more Belgian food.

When we got to the restaurant, there was a thirty minute wait for a table, so we cozied up in three open spots at the bar and took advantage of the full service dinner menu.  The bartender, Duwayne (I probably misspelled his name), made some great beverage and food recommendations (definitely try the hoptails!).

We started with the Brussels sprouts with duck confit (spruitjes) and took a leap with the frogs legs (kikkerbilletjes).  We got a little language lesson along the way—well, mostly I learned that no one around me could pronounce kikkerbilletjes, but it’s really fun to try.  I wish I had taken pictures of these because they looked a lot different than I expected—like little breaded lollipops served over tomato.  They kind of tasted like chicken.  I would definitely order them again.  I was not, however, a big fan of the Brussels sprouts.

The rockstar dish on the menu (and the inspiration for blogging about this restaurant) was the Josper roasted lobster ($28).  Cooked in a smoky oven with roasted fennel, grapefruit and a delicious butter sauce, I could not get enough!  The smoky flavor made this dish truly unique.  Bottomless Pit and I were fighting over the last savory morsels.


Then there were the mussels.  We ordered the B Too Mussels, with Saison beer, spring onions, bacon, shitake, celery root and thyme.  They were good (not the best I’ve ever had, but definitely respectable).  However, the frites that came with them were awesome…crispy and delicious!  We may have ordered two extra servings (you know…one for each of us. Pants said it was a reasonable thing to do, so I went with it.)


Overall, I thought this was a great spot.  The bartenders and servers were excellent, the food was very good, and I left feeling satisfied and delightfully tipsy.

The Remains

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