Hell’s Kitchen: Damn Good Food in Downtown Minneapolis

On my last visit to Minneapolis, a new acquaintance insisted that I check out Hell’s Kitchen for a unique and delicious dining experience.  Always on the lookout for fun restaurants and good food, I dragged a friend with me to check out this diabolic establishment in downtown Minneapolis for Saturday brunch.

Entering from the street, we descended down the staircase to the depths of the basement-level dining room, and found ourselves in quite the devil’s playground: multiple bars; live music; dramatic décor and drapery; and servers wearing pajamas, carrying trays of decadent plates of eggs, pancakes, fruit…yum!

Hell's Kitchen entrance

Hell's Kitchen interior

Not wanting to wait for a table, we pulled up to the bar, quickly made friends with our neighbors (Minnesotans are so nice!), and began to peruse the menu.  Everything sounded tasty, so it was hard to make a choice.

I’d been tipped off that the Mahnomin Porridge—a local favorite made with wild rice, hazelnuts and dried fruit—was not to be missed (oh man, was it good!).  The menu also claimed that the Ham & Pear Crisp sandwich with melted Swiss and Fontina cheese was named one of the best in the country…Ok, I’ll try that too.  And, since my friend and I had just come from an intense crossfit class, we balanced out the meal with a Cobb salad and side House salad.

Mahnomin Porridge, House Salad, Cobb Salad, Ham and Pear Crisp Sandwich

The food was delicious, with the flavors of the fresh ingredients shining through.  Although I enjoyed my sandwich, I thought it had a bit too much cheese and not enough crunch for me to rank it in my Top Sandwiches; however, my neighbor at the bar said she comes to this restaurant specifically for that sandwich, so who am I to say?

I loved the atmosphere, friendly service, and food at this restaurant (did I mention the homemade peanut butter?).  Would I come here again?  Damn straight!

Hell's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Hell's Kitchen on Foodio54

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