Dreamland Bar-B-Que: Southern BBQ at its Best, Birmingham, AL

I’ve been neglecting my blog this summer.  I have lots of excuses:  house hunting, traveling, wanting to spend time outside hiking and running…  I’ve been collecting lots of content, but I guess I’ve been suffering some writer’s block.  So, I have to give a shout out and major thank you to my dear friend at Baking Me Hungry, who has inspired me to write again.  (Thank you for lunch today!  It was wonderful.)

I recently took a trip home to Birmingham, Alabama, to get some much needed R&R and spend time with my mom.  I have to give her lots of credit for lifting my spirits and showing me a wonderful time at home (who knew Birmingham could be so fun?).  We stopped by Magic Muffins for the best muffins in the world; went on a hike in Oak Mountain State Park; stopped by the psychic fair at Books, Beans and Candles, Alabama’s largest metaphysical coffee shoppe (yeah, I know, wrap your head around that one); and ate at one of the best BBQ joints in Birmingham—Dreamland!

The original Dreamland Bar-B-Que opened its doors in Tuscaloosa in 1958 (The same year Bear Bryant started coaching—RTR).  The no frills restaurant came to Five Points Birmingham in 1993 (right around the time I moved there!).  Service is friendly, sports are playing on the TVs, food is served on styrofoam, and I’m pretty sure my eating utensil was a spork.

Dreamland Exterior

Dreamland has the best ribs in Birmingham.  You can see them being cooked to perfection in the brick smokey grill (also notice the super classy neon sign just above.)

Oven for RibsAs soon as you sit down, you will be brought a few slices of white bread and mouth-wateringly delicious BBQ sauce (it really is the best ever!).  A half rack of ribs and a few sides were enough for mom and me to share.  I highly recommend the fries, baked beans, potato salad and slaw.  I probably would have eaten more ribs if they were in front of me, because it’s hard to stop…even if it makes you feel gross…you know what I’m talking about.  Don’t miss out on the banana pudding either.

Ribs and Sides

Oh how I miss good Southern BBQ!  This is a Bama institution that makes me proud.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon Dreamland Bar B Que on Foodio54

And, as a side note, there are a few other wonderful BBQ places in Birmingham that are worth checking out:  Miss Myra’s, Johnny Ray’s, Jim and Nick’s, and Demetri’s are my top picks.

5 thoughts on “Dreamland Bar-B-Que: Southern BBQ at its Best, Birmingham, AL

      • I have been =) There are definitely lots of places to go within Southside and even parts of Downtown. Tons of new restaurants, and Railroad park has made itself the new “it” place for events, and the new field has brought in a lot of traffic. We are looking up!

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