Fiesta Jalisco—the BEST Mexican Restaurant in Steamboat

I’ve been coming to Steamboat Springs for almost fifteen years, so I’ve eaten at most of the restaurants in the area.  There are a lot of great choices and I can’t hit them all.  But every time I come here, I have to take a trip to Fiesta Jalisco (445 Anglers Drive), which is hands down the best Mexican food in town.

We went there for lunch the other day after the mountain proved to be way too cold for skiing (there was really great powder, but one of our group started to get frostbite on his cheeks, and none of us could feel our toes).  The second best thing to skiing is obviously inhaling huge amounts of Mexican food, so we headed to Fiesta Jalisco.

As we entered the restaurant, we saw a sign on the door that it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary next weekend! I wish I could be here for the party.  There’s going to be a mariachi band.

The restaurant itself is great for taking family or friends.  The bar area is really fun (and the margaritas are delicious), and the dining area has great décor—notice the bull heads on the walls and the cactus chandelier.

Fiesta Jalisco

Chips and salsa—oh! the homemade salsa—are brought out as soon as you sit down.

The extensive menu has many great choices, but I typically order the Enchiladas de Molé (best thing on the menu, in my opinion).  This time, I changed it up a little bit (but not much) and ordered the Chicken en Molé, in an attempt to be more healthy by having a dish with less cheese (not sure if I succeeded).  The molé sauce here is incredible.  I enjoyed every peanut buttery, chocolatey bite.

Chicken en Mole

This meal comes with tortillas (not shown) so you can sop up every last bit of sauce—yum!

For those of you who like pictures of food (which I’m guessing is most people reading my blog), here’s another photo of some Camarones Fajitas and a little Queso Dip in the back (Fiesta Jalisco makes a delicious buttery queso).

Camarones Fajitas

Fiesta Jalisco, I’m sad to miss your 10th anniversary celebration, but rest assured, our love affair will continue.  I’ll see you again in March!

Fiesta Jalisco on Urbanspoon

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